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Office of the University Building Official


Benjamin Hays portrait

Benjamin Hays, PE, SE, LEED AP, CBO

University Building Official

Senior Civil/Structural Engineer

O: 434.982.5919

C: 434.249.0507

Oversees Department

Christopher Barfield portrait

Christopher Barfield, CFO, CFI

Senior Fire Protection Engineer

O: 434.243.1431

C: 434.906.2739

Fire/Life Safety and Fire Suppression, Reviews and Inspections

Darin Clements portrait

Darin Clements

Building Engineer Technician

O: 434.924.1980

C: 434.906.5157

Combination Building Inspections

Natalie Feaver portrait

Natalie Feaver, AIA, LEED AP

Senior Architect

C: 434.365.8516

Architectural, Egress, and ADA, Reviews and Inspections

Katherine Grove portrait

Katherine Grove, AIA, CBO, LEED AP

Associate Building Official

Senior Architect

O: 434.243.4817

C: 434.906.7556

Architectural, Egress, and ADA, Reviews and Inspections

Rachelle Hermes portrait

Rachelle Hermes

Associate Fire Protection Engineer

C: 434.282.4604

Fire Rated Assemblies and Engineering Judgements, Reviews and Inspections

David Jones portrait

David T. Jones, PE, MPA

Senior Electrical Engineer

O: 434.924.6870

C: 434.996.8249

Electrical and Fire Alarm, Reviews and Inspections

Nathanial Lawson portrait

Nathan W. Lawson, PE

Civil/Structural Engineer

O: 434.924.0609

C: 434.960.7323

Civil and structural reviews, Combination inspections

Peter Mackey portrait

Peter Mackey, PE, LEED BD&C

Senior Mechanical Engineer

C: 434.254.9696

Mechanical and Plumbing, Reviews and Inspections

Robert Waite portrait

Robert A. Waite Jr., AIA, CBO

Senior Architect

O: 434.982.5909

C: 434.987.6958

Architectural reviews, Egress and ADA Inspections, Small Project Reviews

Caitlin Walls portrait

Caitlin Walls

Document & Compliance Analyst

O: 434.982.5669

Questions about Project Review and Building Permit Status