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Plan Review

All plans and submissions for review should be submitted using GES’s Print and Review Transmittal (For UVA internal use only). Please remember to keep your project name consistent and always list the building name first in the project name.

Plan review duration:

  • 5 days – Schematic, Small Projects, Yellow-Outs and Bulletins reviews
  • 10 days – Preliminary reviews
  • 15 days – Working Drawings and first submittals of Shop Drawings.

Small project reviews are just that - small projects. They should affect a limited number of rooms, no complex fire safety issues, no change in Use Group, not an ‘H’ Use Group, and <$25,000 construction cost. Each SPR is allotted 20 minutes. Submit them by COB on Monday for a slot in the Wednesday morning schedule. See the Procedure for Small Project Review for more information.

Please remember that a Basis of Design Narrative (see Appendix A in the HECO Manual) is required for Schematic and Preliminary submissions for review. Specifications are not required and will not be reviewed if submitted with a Schematic or Preliminary submission.

See our handy Tip Sheet and Review Phases & Common Terms for additional information.

See below for Top Ten sheets from each discipline. These are common issues/concerns that come up regularly in our reviews.