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January 2018 – We typically see an “August in January” when all of the small labs, classrooms, and dorm projects that are squeezed in over winter break need inspections to wrap up before students come back. This January has been no different. The small burst of construction activity gets our office moving and back into the swing of things again early in the New Year.

December 2017 – Kathy Grove earned a certificate in “NFPA 101 for Health Care” from the National Fire Protection Association. Congratulations Kathy!

October 2017 – Our “summer craziness” continues into October this year. The University is kicking off its Bicentennial Celebration and we are working together with the Bicentennial Committee and the Central Grounds Zone team to permit all of the temporary structures associated with the celebration.

August 2017 – Ben Hays was appointed Building Official to succeed Elaine Gall when she retires at the end of the month.

September 2017 – We usually see a pause in our workload following the annual summer construction boom. This year, the Concert for Charlottesville has keep us busy throughout September as we work to permit the main stage and evacuation plan for this exciting event!

July 2017 – As you have probably noticed, our office has a new website! We have made every effort to make it easy to navigate with information most commonly needed by our clients. As we are still in transition, please take some time to explore it and let us know how it goes.

Switching subjects, we are in the midst of the busiest season yet. If you have a project that is schedule-challenged, make sure it gets submitted to us as quickly as possible. Our review times are still meeting goals but we likely need the full time allowance due to the length of the queue and the scheduling of many inspections as we prepare for numerous upcoming project completions.

Thanks everyone and have a great summer!